SCHEDULED BUS services between Powell River - Vancouver = Powell River and Earl's Cove - Langdale - Earl's Cove. Both routes offer a relaxing and an unforgettable journey through a scenic Sunshine Coast with stops along the way. See our scheduled bus services, click here.

CHARTERS BUS services big or small are available year-round. We service church groups, tourist groups, businesses, sporting teams (with equipment), bands/music groups, international school groups, youth organizations, First Nations and other cultural events, not to ention visiting school groups and adults from abroad. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Given that our buses serve the public on the daily basis, we find chartering a significant portion of our annual total transport. Our charter rates can be as competitive as public transit. When compared to transit, charters can be door to door rather than stop to stop. Cost effective and green.

Feel free to contact us at 250-775- 0035

CORPORATE BUSING is an exciting realm of transportation that we are ready to get involved, either providing regular daily or weekly transportation of employees to and from places of work (24 hr service is also available). This at times is necessary due to construction obstacles or sheer distance from public transit stops among many other logistical needs. We are proud to declare that we can provide a competitive rate and are always wanting to customize our service to your needs to try to eliminate unnecessary cost.

Please feel free to contact us at reception to be directed to the people who will help you.